Women’s Empowerment


I WAS THE PRODUCT OF A RAPE. I wasn’t wanted, I came into this world feeling and thinking, “Everything would be fine IF I WOULD JUST GO AWAY!”  That was the message received in the womb.  I was adopted by the two awesome people I talked about earlier and even though they loved me really well, the wound was still there.  “I shouldn’t be here!”  The wound was specific, it was about women, of course it was really about just one woman, my birth mother, who I did not meet again until I was 24yo.  And when I met her, it was a disaster.

I felt like I needed love – like we all do. I was hoping the love of a woman would fill the emptiness inside, but I always felt ashamed for wanting that love.  The story I told myself was that, “my desire for love is a burden to others, my energy and presence feel bad, toxic to women.”

While my desire to be loved wasn’t coming from the best place (trying to fill the hole I felt inside and I shamed myself for it) what I noticed is that so many women didn’t have the confidence in themselves, nor the loving presence – the connection with their own Divine Goddess energy to help me, but I was able to help them get in touch with those parts of themselves they were missing.

I was keenly aware of how they shamed themselves, how UNHEARD and UNSEEN they felt, and how they didn’t believe they were worthy of love. They didn’t have the CONFIDENCE or communication skills to set boundaries with men (and other women) who shut them down, told them they were wrong and bad, and/or reacted defensively when they felt threatened.

In one sense, I didn’t get what I was wanting personally, but what I did realize I needed to heal myself, so I could hold a big enough space, a strong enough space to help these women heal and grow into the best versions of themselves. I have continuously sought out my own healing so that I could offer these healing, transformative teachings to women people and it is the women who are starting to “wake up” first.

I love working with men and for the most part, men don’t begin to deal with their own shit until they get confronted by a woman (or by life, but most often a woman) to be bigger than they are currently living. As I wrote in my book, Pillars of Awesome Relationships, “When we are being closed-off jerks, be willing to call us on our defensive deflection tactics and take responsibility for what you know. If it comes to it, walk away if you need to. If every woman in the world decided to set a higher standard and walk away from men who do not measure up emotionally, the men of the world would take it as a wake-up call and step up the learning curve. (Either that, or we would all become homosexual; either way, you would be better off.)”

I have noticed that women seem to be waking up to their own power, their own CONFIDENCE, and are hungry to grow. What started as a desire to find my own wholeness, uncovered a passion for being a man, a masculine man, who has his heart open and is a Champion for Women.

So few women have never had a masculine presence in their life who can show up fully with his heart open, care about them and not want anything from them – and only want the best for them, a man who has healthy boundaries – a man who is not going to be threatened by a strong woman, but in fact, can encourage women to step into their fullest strength and confidence.

So why do I work with women?  I do it because I have a great vision for Humanity.  I see a world where every person can live in peace and not be held back by their own hidden pain – where we are able to love each other well, resolve conflicts easily and grow closer to each other, grow closer to our own Divine nature through the resolution process.  There is a whole different flavor to life when we are completely Authentic, living in integrity with ourselves and with those closest to us.  I want everyone to know the Joy and Peace that is available to us all.  It is a Sacred Honor to do this work every day.
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