It happened in the Board Room!”

Bully-ing doesn’t just happen in schools.

So many of the women in my Jedi Goddess Training program are Executives, emerging Entrepreneurs, and Badasses who are awesome at what they do.

They all have one common trait:  They lack the CONFIDENCE they want.

Every one of these women has felt beaten down by some kind of self-important bully in the work place.

It is either a catty woman, who gets in everyone’s business, or a man who tries to control everything to satisfy his ego.

Every one of them has earned the respect and adoration of all the super cool people around them.

(The insecure idiots, catty women, and infantile ego-maniacs are usually threatened by them.)

The women who come to work with me aren’t afraid to look inside and take responsibility for their part in what’s going on in their lives,

Of course they start off complaining about the things that frustrate them, but THEY DON’T STOP THERE –


They want to show up BIGGER IN THE WORLD.

The hard part is even though they face opposition from others, they have to look at the ways they have kept themselves small in the face of that opposition.

Our culture teaches us to quickly assess blame on only one person, this sets up a dangerous dynamic:  victim, perpetrator, rescuer.

In relationships, even work relationships, this commonly plays out as victim thinking where the bully is seen as a bad guy.

Blame is about WORTH – YOU ARE WORTHY – so blame won’t ever help.

It’s time to focus on you stepping into your power.

It’s time to cultivate the CONFIDENCE you need to reach your goals.

Bullies are idiots, no doubt, and they prey on insecurities.

The really cool thing is that bullies show us what our insecurities are (as if we didn’t already know).

Once we clearly specifically identify those insecurities, then we have a clear path to healing, growing, and over-coming the challenges we face.

It amazes me how bullies stop bullying as soon as their subjects out-grow their insecurities.

If you are ready to grow into UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE, schedule some time to talk with me today.

Be REAL.  Be RAW.  Make Your Life AWESOME.

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