Take a Breath – FULL BODY ORGASMS!


If you want to make your lover cum harder than ever before, Just Breathe!

Let me tell you how I made my ex-wife cum three times in fast succession by taking a breath . . .

In my third year of graduate school, I took an intensive Yoga class. I thought I was taking an easy elective.

I did not realize what transformation lay ahead, that class changed the way I do therapy and it changed the way I relate in my personal life. We spent the first month of the class only learning and practicing the lower lung breath, studying under Yoga Master Nataraja Kallio.

I thought I breathed pretty well, until the class started.  I thought I had a solid meditation practice for years, but this was asking something different.

I wasn’t getting it. I wasn’t getting the breath. I wasn’t getting anything.

I was doing everything asked of me.

I was holding all the postures.

I was exaggerating my exhale to make room for something fresh and new; nothing.


In week three, something shifted.

My breath dropped down so deep that I could feel the pressure on the inside of my hip bones and tears started rolling down my face.

My therapist brain kicked in and I started thinking, “Why am I crying?  Is there something I need to process?  What is going on inside?”

I wasn’t being present anymore, I was thinking – and the tears stopped, the feeling in my stomach stopped.

I almost laughed at myself, “Hey Dumbass.  Don’t think – Just breathe.”

I started breathing again and the feeling came back. The tears kept coming,

I didn’t hear much of what was said over the next 20 minutes in the class, I just kept breathing.

Although the emotional pain was intense, feeling the pain felt better than when I had stopped breathing.

That was when I really got it!


Without the breath, we don’t get to experience the deeper reaches of our pain, we deflect.

So why was I crying?

About two weeks before this semester started, I lost a horse. This 1200 pound horse had been taken out by a mosquito; he died of West Nile Virus.

I was super busy and I never made the chance to grieve.

Three weeks into the semester, five weeks after my horse died, I’m lying on my yoga mat and the tears are pouring out of me.

The next night, I was having sex with my (then) wife.  I was on top of her and I noticed I was checked out.

I thought, “Maybe I need to pull up a fantasy to get more into it.

Then I almost laughed at myself, “Hey Dumbass.  Don’t think – Just breathe.”

As I started to take a deep belly breath, I felt my stomach press into hers.  And I stopped.

I thought, “Oh, God.  She’s gonna think I am fat.”

Then I almost laughed at myself, “Hey Dumbass.  Don’t think – Just breathe.”

As I took a deep belly breath, I ignored by stomach pressing on hers.  I only allowed me to feel my love for her.

I felt me, I felt her, I imagined that my heart was reaching all the way into her chest and wrapping her heart in love – honoring her for the incredible woman she was, honoring the Goddess in her.

I imagined that the energy of hmy heart filled every inch of my body and I imagined that the energy of my love came all the way oskin to touch her deep inside, every place that our bodies were touching . . .

To this day, I don’t remember if I was still moving my cock inside of her or not, the only part I know is that I was loving the ever living shit out of her!

She instantly had 3 orgasms in rapid succession!

Afterward she asked, “Sweetie, I’m not complaining at all, but I need to ask you something. . . WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!!”

(Feigning innocence) “What do you mean?  I was just loving you . . . ”

She said, “Well it worked!”

Over the years, this technique of breathing and feeling my heart, imagining that my heart is wrapping her heart in love is one of my favorites.

It has brought women to tears – opened their hearts to heal old hurts buried for way too long.

It has brought ME to tears!

It has helped me to feel the vulnerability necessary to feel deeply loved.

It has allowed the love of the Divine to flow through me in creating beautiful experiences.

It has helped facilitate some beautiful love to be made!

I invite you to try it!

One of the most awesome parts of what I do is to teach couples to unleash the firey, playfulness of the deepest, most sacred connections they long for sexually.

We all want great sex!  And when people are willing to dance into their own vulnerability, sex can become truly transformational – all it takes is some training . . .

One of the most important – actually it is VITAL – things to do is to learn the emotional foundation and the communication skills, as well as the spiritual presence necessary to make this kind of sexual presence possible.

The easiest way to learn all the foundational pieces to transform your relationship and create the heart and presence to make this kind of love is to go through the Pillars of Awesome Relationships Video Training.

Go take a breath and make somebody’s night!

Be REAL. Be RAW. Make Your Life AWESOME!

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