Victim Mindset: A “HOW TO”


Only date and marry codependent people.

Ignore when you say potentially offensive shit to other people.  (You are probably ignorant of how that shit leaks out sideways anyway.)

Ignore how your personal issues play into your reaction to what another person does.  (Stay focused on how everything is THEIR FAULT.)

You need to feel insecure about your worth, so you can paint the other person as “bad” (which means you must be “good, worthy”).

Ignore the fact that the pain you feel is a result of telling yourself a victim story.  (Doomsday stories are always true.)

Stay away from the RAW pain that you’ve always had.  (Keep telling yourself you healed that shit!  If it weren’t for this asshole, you would be fine.)

Only tell others about your good intentions and caring actions.  (Don’t talk about how you may have contributed to the situation.)

Criticize!  Criticize!  Criticize!  (And minimize what you did!)

State every feeling as a fact.  (nothing is open for interpretation.)

Bring up old stuff that already got resolved and talk about it as if it never got dealt with.  (This one is GOLD!)

Make everything about you.  (No one respects you anyway, you have to make them listen to you.)

Be REAL.  Be RAW.  Make Your Life AWESOME.