What I Believe . . .


this is what I believe . . .

I believe in love.
I believe that love is the bright light that illuminates our hurts when it is time for our hurts to heal.
I believe there is only one kind of Love, Divine Love.
I believe there are many different flavors to Divine Love and each of those flavors are no less Divine than the others.
I believe that humans have been emotionally wounded – EVERY ONE OF US!
I believe that wounding shows up in myriad ways.
I believe that some people don’t feel LOVABLE, and most of them feel SHAME.
I believe that wounding and shame prevents us from showing up with each other as our best selves AND BEING A PRESENCE OF DIVINE LOVE.
I believe that EVERYONE is capable of feeling Divine Love flowing through them and to them and from them all the time.
I believe a lot of people have not learned how to feel that love consistently, especially during conflict.
I believe people are hungry for the CONFIDENCE that comes from believing they are worthy.
I believe we are WORTHY and that does not change.
I believe that when we are hurt, wounded, and scared, our behavior can be less than loving and some people judge that as “bad.”
I believe that we were taught that the behaviors we call “bad” make us and/or others bad peole.
I believe we make these judgments because we haven’t learned to set appropriate BOUNDARIES around other’s (and our own) behaviors and we lose touch/connection with Divine Love that is available to us every moment.
I believe that many of us have been taught that it is not loving to set BOUNDARIES, that we are not loving, or we are not being loved when boundaries are set with us.
I believe Divine Love is not only available to us, it is what we are.
I believe when we lose touch with our own Divine nature in moments of pain/fear/conflict, we don’t feel Divine Love.
I believe when we learn to heal our hurts, we are able to help others heal theirs.
I believe that spirituality CANNOT be separated from emotional healing and healthy relationships, when we try to focus on any one part or without one of those parts, it doesn’t go as well. (understatement)
I believe that when we heal our hurts we become more in touch with our OWN Divinity.
I believe humans like how it feels to be in touch with their own Divine nature.
I believe we feel Free and INFINITELY LOVABLE when we feel our true, divine selves.
I believe the only thing that prevents us from feeling our True Divine Selves is the hurts and pain and fears we carry with us and the ignorance that results .
I believe we develop ways of thinking and seeing the world that minimize our awareness of our hurts – we avoid seeing them because we don’t want to feel them.
I believe we have thoughts that not only prevent us from feeling those hurts – we have thoughts that perpetuate the hurts.
I believe that feeling pain sucks most of the time.
I believe feeling pain is much less sucky when we know the expanded freedom and Divine Love that that awaits us on the other side of the healing.
I believe that healing requires some emotional skills and the Spiritual skill of feeling Divine Love.
I believe few of us have been taught these skills.
I believe that in order to heal and have AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS, we also need awesome communication skills.
I believe we should all learn the skills, the emotional skills, communication skills, the spiritual skills to help facilitate each other’s healing.
I believe that helping each other heal at the deepest levels makes way for AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS!
I believe that AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS is one of the greatest vehicles for feeling and experiencing Divine Love in our lives.
I believe in YOU!
I believe that you are a Gift!
I believe that if you are not feeling like a gift to the world and to the people in your life, it is because there is some hurt, fear blocking that awareness/experience.
I believe we all have an incredible capacity to love and be loved.
I believe humans are here to experience our own unique expression of Divine Love that is expressed in our own unique desires, talents, and feelings.
I believe that a great life coach it is time for you to contact me to begin the next phase of your journey in being your True Divine Self and healing what gets in the way of you feeling and knowing how AWESOME you really are.

Weekly “Unleash Your Inner Goddess” Group Calls

You were born for more that feeling like the last priority in your life.  You were born to take great care of you, meeting your needs first so you enjoy your life and THEN (if you want) can greatly care for others, and be a blessing to those you love.

You weren’t born to feel UNWANTED and UNHEARD in your relationships.  You were born to stand CONFIDENTLY knowing your worth, with the ability to confront anything that lands “less than loving” with you!


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