One of my biggest personal bug-a-boos is that I am out there on the leading edge and have some next level shit to teach and in order to teach it, I’m going to have to fuck with your head.


Some days I just don’t feel strong enough to go kick the world’s ass . . .

And on those days I have a choice: I can lay low and feel that gap between what my soul is longing for (TO SHINE BRIGHT AND SHARE THE PROFOUND SHIT I CAME TO TEACH) and what I feel like doing – FEELING THAT GAP FEELS LIKE SHIT!


I can CONFRONT the fear and get on with doing what I love and face the potential judging and shaming that could come.


We get from the universe what we put out.

The world will only judge you IF YOU ARE JUDGING YOU!

If I am in a place of FAITH and CONFIDENCE, then people don’t even bother – they get scared off by true confidence and faith.

People can only fuck with you in the areas where YOU ARE ALREADY FUCKING WITH YOU!

It’s no wonder I am so good at coaching people who need to step into a place of faith about being who they are – I know all the bullshit excuses for hiding!

So look at the places where you say:


What if the thing keeping you “stuck” is a belief that is not-negotiable for you?

You don’t even want to talk about it!

What if you have to open your mind in order to free your heart and soul?

It could be your self-image, you may be believing, BECAUSE YOU WERE TAUGHT, you have to be a certain way –
And it isn’t a good fit for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It could be a belief you have based on a fear or insecurity –
Those beliefs hold you back from stepping up and being who you really are!

The biggest problems come when we have the belief based on insecurity (fear of being a bad person) that says, “IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE (this certain thing), YOU ARE BAD!” So you can’t even look at the thing that holds you back because there is a rule that says YOU WILL BE HELD BACK IF YOU LOOK AT THIS!

What a convoluted mind fuck that is!

(And most of those fears of being “a bad person” are projected onto others and come up as FEAR OF BEING JUDGED BY OTHERS.)

It is when we look at the ways in which we are scared of being judged that we find NOT ONLY the greatest areas of growth, also the AREAS OF OUR GREATEST GIFTS!

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