Only Romance is Love, Right?

So many people put themselves through so much heartache and so much misery because we’ve been taught to only value romantic love as love.

Anything else is judged as subpar in some way.

That notion that only romantic love is love is actually based in trying to get Safety and Security needs met and/or worthiness needs met in the relationship.

Trying to get those needs mad by a relationship, can get us through tough spots in life, and it ultimately leads to problems.

Trying to make it lifetime relationship while putting that kind of pressure on a relationship is a recipe for disaster, disappointment, or shutting part of yourself down.

But if you’re shut down and broken-hearted already, it probably looks like the greatest deal you could ever find!

It’s unfortunate that we have been taught that romantic love is the only kind of love that’s acceptable.

The love we feel during sex, when we have our hearts open and we are fully present, can be Enlightening, Sacred, and Transformational and all of that can happen in or outside the boundaries of a romantic relationship.

When we stay in integrity, within ourselves, honoring our selves, knowing our worth, sex provides opportunities to touch the Divine in Mystical ways.

Be REAL. Be RAW. Make Your Life AWESOME.

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