How to Manifest Love and Success


Some people have no way to feel good about some particular issue in their life – they are blocked.
That’s where they need some help – we all need help and guidance sometimes.
We have all heard of Law of Attraction.
Most don’t know the finer points of how to manifest.
Many people say it’s about saying “positive” things. That is a shallow understanding, that’s only the first part – it carries no power.
It is important to have a positive, affirming outlook on your life and on the world, that’s true, OF COURSE!
AND THE POWER is not in the words we say, it’s about the feelings we feel.
If you aren’t feeling the feelings you want, you won’t get the things you want.
The place where most people try to use the Law of Success the most is around Money and around Love.
Here are the two most common questions I hear about money:
How do I believe that I am rich when I have no money? You can’t. That’s not the point.
How do I feel success when I have no money and the bills are piling up? AHHHH! Now you are getting closer – MUCH BETTER QUESTION!
Some people never doubt when it comes to love, when those people ask me about money and success, I tell them, “You attract money and success the same way you feel love: YOU FILL YOURSELF UP WITH IT!
Be patient in love, know it will come.
Get yourself into a state where you are OK and don’t need love from another.
Stay in that place where you are fully loving you, accepting you, full within yourself.”
Some people flow money and success easily, then they ask me about how to create the love they want.
I ask them how they create it in money and success.
Invariably, they don’t have the same fundamental blocks to success that they have with Love.
If you aren’t getting the love you want, you are blocking it in some way.
Until you allow it and work through the internal objections, the love won’t come, or it won’t stay, or it will suck to begin with.
They feel really good about money, of course worthy – they often feel thankful for their money, and they are generous – then when it comes to love they get into fear.
– Fear of loss
– fear of not being loved back
– fear of being hurt
– fear of being unworthy
So here is the formula AND IT IS SO FUCKING SIMPLE!
Feel what it would feel like to have what you want.
It really is that fucking simple!
Let go of what you can see and what you think – stay with that feeling.
Feel what it would feel like to have the love you want. Whether it is a new relationship or transforming the relationship that you already have, feel what it would be like for you to have what you want to have.
Did you hear that? Feel it AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.
It is only when you feel what you want, that you can create it.
Don’t feel the wanting. FEEL THE HAVING of it.
If you can only stay with that feeling for a few seconds, that’s OK. Feel it for a few seconds, then go watch cartoons.
Come back and feel it a few more seconds, maybe a few more than before. Keep practicing and get comfortable with that feeling.
When you are comfortable with that feeling, you won’t fight against it when it comes in the physical world.
If you get stuck, you need some help and guidance.
Be REAL. Be RAW. Make Your Life AWESOME!

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