Pillars of Awesome Relationships Video Training – Only $27!

Congratulations for wanting your life to be better and having the desire to make your relationships AWESOME!

You’re going to absolutely LOVE this training because it will give you a clear path to the relationship you want!

You’ll go from FRUSTRATION and into COMPASSION without compromise…

You’ll go HURT to feeling HEARD without holding back…

You’ll let go of RESENTMENT and tap into the LOVE you really want to give and receive.

Most couples start off with a great connection with each other and end up feeling like that connection is buried under a mountain of Hurt, Frustration, Anger, and Resentment – They still love each other and they don’t know how to make it good again.

The Pillars of Awesome Relationships Video Training is the easiest way to learn and grow into being the great husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, and lover that you were born to be.

I am offering this training for only $27, Originally it sold for $497, and the value that you can add to your life . . . You’ll think it’s worth a million dollars!


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And by the way, you are going to HATE this training! It will force you to look inside and dig through the shit that isn’t working for you.

You will end up wanting to punch me and hug me at the same time, because after you do the tough work, you are going to feel a sense of freedom like never before!

If you were paying me $250/hr for this much education and training it would cost you over $2000 to get all this covered, and you get to watch and learn from this video training over and over and over!

Give yourself and your beloved this incredible gift now, I am so excited for you and your beloved to dive into this!

You’re going to love it because you’re going to get clear about what’s not working in your relationship. Why it’s not working. And you are going to get the TOOLS you need to make your relationship awesome again!

You’re going to hate this training because I’m going to ask you to take responsibility for your part in creating the relationship that you have. You are 50% responsible for creating the relationship that you have. I’m going to ask you to do your part to fix it.

I’m going to ask you to STEP-UP to be the BIGGEST, BESTEST YOU that you can be!

Most people would rather get a divorce than dive deep and resolve the issues in their marriage.

Why is that? You’ll learn why in this training.

End the FRUSTRATION in your relationship

Heal the HURTS you carry

Let go of ANGER

End the RESENTMENT that has built up over the years

Feel appreciated in relationships

Establish more intimate connections

Find Freedom from SEXUAL SHAME

Communicate more clearly with your partner

Open up to receiving more love Discover and communicate your wants and desires

Breathe passion back into your life and relationships

Are you ready to create AWESOME relationships in your life?


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Its important that you do this training – Not only for yourself, but for your family, your kids, and the generations that follow. Most of our relationship problems stem from relationship and “relating” problems we inherited in some way from our parents or our life growing up.

If we are to help our children and grandchildren (and all the generations to follow) to grow, we need to begin making the teachings in Relationship Masters a part of our daily lives and part of the public consciousness.

I am here (along with many other light workers) to be the tip of the spear in bringing about the shift in awareness that will make it possible for humans to evolve emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Who am I?

I am the best kept secret for people who want to get out of suffering and into living their life bliss. I bring awareness of our inner workings that goes deeper than most people ever dream.

I have been blessed to be mentored in emotional (Gestalt Institute of the Rockies), physical training (collegiate level athletic coaches), and spiritual growth (Grandfather Joseph Rael) by the best of the best! I bring not only the gifts of emotional health coaching, but the gifts of relationship awesomeness, physical health through exercise and diet, but spiritual health and enlightenment at the deepest level (I am a 16-year Sundancer, student of the medicine ways for 20 years).


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Most relationships are held back because nobody wants to take responsibility for their part. They only want to avoid being blamed in the relationship. In this training, you’ll learn why that is and how to keep it from being a roadblock to your relationships in the future.

We all make 1000 decisions a day that either get us closer to one another, keep us right where we are, or move us farther away — the problem is that most people are only aware of about 20 of those decisions (and most of those only have to do with physical distance). As humans, we are hard-wired for connection! If you are not moving closer to your partner emotionally, it will feel like you are moving away. If you aren’t aware of how you are coming across or any subconscious signals you are giving off, then your partner may constantly be frustrated with you because they feel like “you don’t care” or “I’m not important to you.” Or maybe you are the one who is not feeling important.

All your partner wants is your heart! That’s all – and giving someone your heart can be very scary if you don’t have the tools to open your heart with confidence that you are going to be safe, secure, and to know that you are going to be OK and well loved.

Invest in yourself, Invest in your marriage, give your partner the gift they have always been wanting! Click the button below.


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