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Are you feeling frustrated and want more out of life?

Are you scared inside that there is something wrong with you or are you feeling overwhelmed because nothing seems to be helping your problems?

Intimate relationships are necessary to a person’s emotional well-being. It’s often these very relationships that are the most challenging. That is why Nashville marriage counselors are available to help couples in emotional distress. Marcus Ambrester, M.A., a therapist who practices the unique form of therapy called Cowboy Gestalt. This type of couples counseling in Nashville, TN has helped many people move on from the scarring left behind from past relationships, allowing people to form healthy, positive relationships with others. Along with Cowboy Gestalt Therapy, our marriage counselors in TN draw influences from transpersonal counseling and developmental psychology.

It is possible to heal

Connected and happy coupleWhen clients first visit Marcus Ambrester, they are often lost and feel as if their heart is shutting down. They may fear that something is wrong with them or that they are losing control of their lives. Our marriage counselors in Nashville, TN are unique in that they focus on the present and what individual experiences are currently taking place. Even though it’s our past experiences, and how people have handled them, that determine how we handle current situations, our Nashville marriage counselors don’t always expect clients to sit and talk about their childhoods – something that many people in counseling dread.

No matter what difficulties you may be facing, Marcus Ambrester is here to help you get past your feeling of being “stuck”, allowing you to move on in all aspects of life. Our Nashville marriage counselors specialize in individual and couples therapy, centering around four key components, including love and trust, depression and anxiety, performance coaching, and reinvigorating family relationships. Our Nashville couples therapist, Marcus Ambrester, takes the time to focus on each aspect, solving the unresolved issues of intimate relationships and dealing with anger and aggression so that clients can clear the mental blocks that keep us from living our best possible lives. At the end of our program, our clients know that it IS possible to heal.

The Work

Marcus Ambrester, M.A. specializes in individual and couples therapy centering around four main areas: Love & Trust, Depression & Anxiety, Performance Coaching and Reinvigorating Family Relationships.  Learn more

Our goal is for you to feel whole, to feel worthy of love, and to be able to meet the world with an open heart.   

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